Sara Davies

PhD Researcher

Sara's research is in the area of international surrogacy, with particular focus on international arrangements in India.

Sara Dezalay

Lecturer in International Relations

Sara's research focuses on legal globalization dynamics. Anchored in political sociology, her research explores how transnational legal dynamics contribute to the reshaping of international and national politics, with a specific interest in the position of the African South in globalization.

Branwen Gruffydd Jones

Head of Politics and International Relations

Branwen's teaching and research focuses on Africa in international relations, encompassing a substantive empirical focus on international policy, a strong concern with postcolonial debates about the politics and epistemology of scholarship, and an examination of African international political thought.

John Harrington

Professor of Global  Health Law

Centre Co-ordinator

John researches and writes on global health law, law and literature, and legal education. His work combines cultural studies, materialist political economy and socio-legal approaches to the development of legal doctrine and regulation more generally. 


Solicitor at Deighton Pierce Glynn

Adam Hundt is a partner at Deighton Pierce Glynn and is based in our Bristol office. Adam works with the Centre's  pro-bono legal clinic.

Nicki Kindersley

Honorary Research Fellow

Nicki is researching on the development of border regimes and the moral and practical codes of legal documentation on the South Sudan, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo borderland. Along with the University of Khartoum and the Centre, Nicki is a Junior Research Fellow at Pembroke College, Cambridge University.

Lyla Latif

PhD Researcher

Lyla is currently researching on financing the right to health through Islamic fiscal law and examining the jurisprudential ("Fiqh") validity of utilising Islamic taxation to finance health rights in a secular state.

Ambreena Manji

Professor of Land Law and Development

Ambreena’s research interests are focused on East Africa and include property law, land law reform, women and the law and the history of legal education.

Faith Simiyu

PhD Researcher

Faith's research focuses on the right to health and devolved governance in Kenya. 

Mulugeta G. Sisay

PhD Researcher

Mulugeta’s research looks into instrumental choices (command & control and market instrument vis smart mix) for regulating emissions from road vehicles and stimulating greening Ethiopia. He is also investigating if EU, China and UK vehicle emission regulations offer lessons for developing countries.

Huw Williams

Senior Lecturer in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy

Huw’s interests span political philosophy, the history of ideas and international political theory. His work has included a focus on the global justice debate in the Anglo-American tradition. 

Lizzy Willmington

PhD Researcher

Research interests in law, art and protest with a focus on the outsourcing of border control responsibilities. Lizzy's research focuses how aid money is funding the outsourcing to third/transition countries and how the UK is outsourcing to third parties through the 'hostile environment'. She is exploring counter narratives of resistance to these measures.