Huw Williams

Senior Lecturer, School of English, Communication and Philosophy

Huw’s interests span political philosophy, the history of ideas and international political theory. His work has included a focus on the global justice debate in the Anglo-American tradition and his first book was the research monograph On Rawls, Development and Global Justice: The Freedom of Peoples (Palgrave MacMillan), which involves an extended critical engagement with the concept of a duty of assistance.

He has co-authored Global Justice: The Basics (Routledge) with Carl Death, a short book that brings philosophical and activist thought together. The book reflects his developing interest in interrogating the possibilities and boundaries of the western philosophical debate. In particular he is interested in recent attempts to expand and ‘deparochialize’ this debate, and the extent to which it can be expanded as a global dialogue. His work on the history of ideas in Wales and its ‘progressive’ tradition intersects with these concerns, with the possibility that such a dialogue can make space for the ‘third voice’ – cultures and traditions that may be elided through the dichotomizing notions of Global North and South.