Lizzy Willmington

Doctoral Researcher

Research interests in art, law and protest. Lizzy’s thesis traces the lineage of racialised legal categories of people in UK immigration law. This sits within a broader understanding that the law has always been hostile to racialised categories of people – through both the violence of legal categorisation and the legitimisation of actual violence through the law – and that the current hostile environment policies are a contemporary manifestation of the laws violences. Creative and grassroots responses to the laws hostilities have always been active. This thesis explores contemporary examples of resistance to the UK governments hostile environment and argues for an engagement with the radical imagination to understand and challenge the roots of, and therefore current expression of colonial violences.

Lizzy is a member of the Art/Law Network Advisory Group and involved the Who Are We? Project, a three year project at the Tate Exchange.

See Lizzy’s Cardiff University page.