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India, Pakistan and the Kashmir Conflict: Making Progress Through International Law: Aman Hingorani

Dr Aman Hingorani. Co-hosted with WCIA and Centre for Law and Society.

This lecture examines the role that international law can play in helping to resolve the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Dating from the partition of the sub-continent in 1947, the conflict has been driven by Indian bungling, Pakistani intervention and the cynicism of the superpowers. With tens of thousands killed and millions rendered homeless the Kashmir issue has poisoned relations on the sub-continent, given impetus to international terrorism and threatened all-out war between these two nuclear powers. In a review of court rulings, UN papers and international law scholarship, as well as a review of British archives, Dr Hingorani will argue that legal analysis can depoliticize the issue and contribute to its resolution.

The lecture is based on Dr Hingorani’s book Unravelling the Kashmir Knot, published by Sage in 2016 with a foreword by Professor Upendra Baxi, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Delhi and Warwick. The book was released by the then Chief Justice of India, Justice T S Thakur, and has been warmly commended by Justices M N Venkatachaliah and A M Ahmadi, former Chief Justices of India, Justice Dalveer Bhandari of the International Court of Justice and Mr George Charles Bruno, former US Ambassador.

Dr Hingorani is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, and Mediator in the Supreme Court and High Court, Delhi. He is a Trustee of the Kapila & Nirmal Hingorani Foundation which promotes education about public interest litigation and a partner of the Law and Global Justice Research Group at Cardiff University.