Doctoral Workshop on Law, Global Justice and Development

Law, Global Justice, Dev Pic.JPG

In collaboration with Warwick Law School, we launched an annual workshop for doctoral students working on law, global justice and development in May 2018. Organized by the students themselves and run over two days at Warwick, the workshop saw presentations on research topics including security, aid, infrastructure financing, Islamic fiscal law, health devolution, port and poverty reduction and corporate social responsibility. There was a rich diversity of perspectives based on fieldwork from Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, the UK and the Middle East. Peer feedback was emphasized as student shared practical and academic insights on developing a thesis and engaging with current policy developments and theoretical work.

Discussions were guided by Dr Celine Tan of the Centre for Law, Regulation & Governance of the Global Economy (GLOBE) at Warwick and Professor Ambreena Manji of Cardiff Law and Global Justice, who provided feedback on individual papers and on the general issues raised. Our students received a warm welcome and there was a lively social programme.  We are looking forward to hosting the workshop next year at Cardiff.

A report of the joint workshop gives further insight.