Sara Dezalay

Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Sara's research focuses on legal globalization dynamics. Anchored in political sociology, her research explores how transnational legal dynamics contribute to the reshaping of international and national politics, with a specific interest in the position of the African South in globalization. In her current projects she focuses on the role of law and lawyers in extractive economies on the African continent. She is setting up collaborative research platforms across the social sciences and natural sciences (notably with EARTH at CU) to trace the role of lawyers across mineral value chains from the domestic and regional levels on the African continent, through to global markets.

Sara has a background in international law and politics. Parallel to her position at the Cardiff School of Law and Politics, she is a Visiting Fellow at King's College London, a Senior Research Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs in Toronto, and an Affiliate researcher at the Cluster of Excellence 'The formation of normative orders' at the Goethe Universität, Frankfurt.

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