Cardiff Law and Global Justice is committed to the critical and engaged teaching of law in a supportive and cosmopolitan environment.

The Centre hosts doctoral research students currently working on surrogacy and the law in India; devolution and the right to health in Kenya; asylum, rights and legal geographies. Students are supported by AHRC, Commonwealth and University studentships.


There are a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses associated with Cardiff Law and Global Justice. 

Undergraduate modules

CL6328 - Global Problems and Legal Theory

CL6329 - Law and Literature

Postgraduate modules

CLT615 - Human Rights and Global Justice

CLT657 - Global Health: Law and Governance


Centre members contribute to teaching beyond Cardiff, including the Transnational Law Summer Institute, Kings College, London; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; the South African Institute of Development Studies and University of Nairobi.