Cardiff Law and Global Justice is committed to the critical and engaged teaching of law in a supportive and cosmopolitan environment.

The Centre hosts doctoral research students currently working on surrogacy and the law in India; devolution and the right to health in Kenya; migration, empire and legal geographies. Students are supported by AHRC, Commonwealth and University studentships. Together with Warwick Law School, the Centre launched an annual workshop for doctoral students working on law, global justice and development in May 2018. Organised and lead by doctoral students from both universities, they presented on research topics including security, aid, infrastructure financing, Islamic fiscal law, health devolution, port and poverty reduction and corporate social responsibility.


There are a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses associated with Cardiff Law and Global Justice. 

Undergraduate modules

CL6328 - Global Problems and Legal Theory

CL6329 - Law and Literature

Postgraduate modules

CLT615 - Human Rights and Global Justice

CLT657 - Global Health: Law and Governance


Centre members contribute to teaching beyond Cardiff, including the Transnational Law Summer Institute, Kings College, London; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; the South African Institute of Development Studies and University of Nairobi.